University of Waterloo

Winter 2013-2014; Spring 2015

  • MSCI 720-27, Serious and Persuasive Games (Graduate)
    • This course examines the use of game design techniques for use in serious applications for the purposes of persuasion. The emphasis will be on including game elements into interfaces and applications to motivate people to complete mundane tasks, to perform more efficiently, or to be more productive. Topics will include: game design, gamification, levels and reward systems, serious gaming, and evaluating immersion and engagement. Priority may be given to Management Sciences students.

Fall 2011-2013

  • MSCI 730, Human-Computer Interaction (Graduate)

Fall 2010-2013

Spring 2011

University of Calgary

Winter 2009

  • CPSC 219, Introduction to Computer Science for Multidisciplinary Studies II

Winter 2008