Heuristics for information visualization evaluation

Torre Zuk, Lothar Schlesier, Petra Neumann, and Mark S. Hancock and Sheelagh Carpendale. In Proc. AVI 2006 (BELIV Workshop), pp. 55-60, 2006.

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Heuristic evaluation is a well known discount evaluation technique in HCI but has not been utilized in Information Visualization (InfoVis) to the same extent. While several sets of heuristics have been used or proposed for InfoVis, it is not yet known what kind of heuristics are useful for finding general InfoVis problems. We performed a meta-analysis with the goal of exploring the issues of heuristic evaluation for meta-analysis shows that the evaluation process and results have a high dependency on the heuristics and the types of evaluators chosen. We describe issues related to interpretation, redundancy, and conflict in heuristics. We also providea discussion of generalizability and categorization of these heuristics.

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