Bubbletype: Enabling text entry within a walk-up tabletop installation

Uta Hinrichs, Holly Schmidt, Tobias Isenberg, and Mark Hancock and Sheelagh Carpendale. Technical Report TR-2008-893-06, University of Calgary, 2008.

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We address the issue of enabling text entry for walk-up-and-use interactive tabletop displays located in public spaces. Public tabletop installations are characterized by a diverse target user group, multiperson interaction, and the need for high approachability and intuitiveness. We first define the design constraints of text-entry methods for public tabletop installations such as clear affordances, audience expertise, support of direct-touch interaction, visual appearance, space requirements, multi-user support, and technical simplicity. We then describe an iterative design process that was informed by these constraints and led to the development of two stylus keyboard prototypes---BubbleQWERTY and BubbleCIRCLE---for use in interactive public tabletop installations.

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