Enviropulse: Providing feedback about the expected affective valence of the environment

Deltcho Valtchanov and Mark Hancock. In Proc. CHI, pp. 2073-2082, 2015.

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Interacting with nature is beneficial to a person's mental state, but it can sometimes be difficult to find environments that will induce positive affect (e.g., when planning a run). In this paper, we describe EnviroPulse—a system for automatically determining and communicating the expected affective valence (EAV) of environments to individuals. We describe a prototype that allows this to be used in real-time on a smartphone, but EnviroPulse could easily be incorporated into GPS systems, mapping services, or image-based systems. Our work differs from existing work in affective computing in that, rather than detecting a user's affect directly, we automatically determine the EAV of the environment through visual analysis. We present results that suggest our system can determine the EAV of environments. We also introduce real-time affective visual feedback of the calculated EAV of the images, and present results from an informal study suggesting that real-time visual feedback can be used for induction of affect.

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